A gently paced, insight-packed introduction to stand-up comedy theory, writing and performance, presented by internationally-touring comedians Rizal Van Geyzel (MY) and Ollie Horn (UK).


Stand-up comedians are said to be unique in that they will gladly be the only person standing the wrong way in a room, using that platform to shine a light on truths that other art forms are unable to touch.


Even if you have no ambition of becoming the next Dave Chapelle, Amy Schumer, or Bill Hicks, there is still a great deal to be learned when you start thinking like a stand-up comedian. 


Stands-ups see the word through jokes, which are linguistic puzzles that combine both a shared preconception and a surprise; discovering a great joke requires a deep understanding of the commonalities between a comedian and their audience, plus an ability to articulate a hidden or unspoken truth.


Through a series of interactive self-paced lessons, and two interactive and insightful workshops, you’ll learn how you can identify your own comic persona, and improve your ability to write in a refined, empathetic and funny way.